Hitachi zx55-eco5b



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That’s a mega project to be involved with!
Landscaper sounds out of breath - he needs to lay off the fags I reckon...


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Yeah some fun angles and tricky bits low power cables on one part that had to be covered as only a few feet off them
It's a blended clay and gravel mix that you can get different shades and stone colours got to order enough or next batch will be slightly different if short
National trust use it a lot on their paths
You put it in minimum of 50mm and up to 100mm and compact with a plate compactor to seal it

You Can put a base of ecoblend type one down and then put the hoggin on thinner as it will bind with the ecoblend

If you are putting type one down anyway then this could save a lot of money
Left hooker

Left hooker

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Just got back from work 12hrs today couldn't get crane lorry till half 4 this afternoon so by time it was loaded in the carpark and driven round and set up to lift again it was gone 5 to lower the tank in the hole then a mad dash to fill it up to half way to be safe for the night