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    neil1977 wrote on Adam's profile.

Hi Adam, Druid told me you supply service kits for diggers? I’ve a 3cx and a 8016 Jcb mini digger and I’m looking for prices for service kits for the both of them. Also, do you send to Banffshire, Scotland?

Many thanks

  • V8Druid

    V8Druid wrote on Adam's profile.

didn't realise you were on here Boyo
  • modelman093

    modelman093 wrote on V8Druid's profile.

Morning, Mr Druid. Presume that you are aware that you are running a mulching deck rather than the IBS deck that would be more usual with a Powered Grass Collector ? The mulched is designed to take off not more than half an inch at a time which probably means mowing twice a week in the height of the growing season - not what you want to hear !! Angus
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yeh did realise it's a mulcher Angus ... chops the crap out of it .... not so much to pick up .... had considered taking the mulching insert out. but it seems to work as is