What quick hitch for yer mini?



do it as well as you can,but learn to do it better
Cheers Routy ;)

if you're doing new plates, holing them as a pair will help dramatically

be sure to get the centres right and your pins parallel to each other and square to the cheeks .... horizontally and vertically


if you haven't got anything suitable to use as a substantial spacer/packer, tack a couple of braces across the tops, if doing loose pins ....



whilst stitching up and firming all welds
if they're fixed pins, some substantial stitches of the pins to cheeks'll keep them spaced and in place , but good stitches and sequential welding will keep things in place .... if you do have a good packer, even better .....


the thin card in these is to assist in getting the packer back out and give me an extra half mil on the tolerance


when you're happy everything's right ... secure the pins .... and burn it all in :):giggle:


shout if I can help in any way ;)


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Update on my new quick hitch project:
The new hitch arrived direct from Harford as promised within the 10 day lead in time :)
Photo below shows me fettling it with black paint before fitting, after a few scratches were acquired along the way.

New hitch tried for size and it fit perfectly.
Note my nice new nipple covers (oh er Matron!) :p
The more observant will note that I specified a coupling eye.
This came with a test certificate and SWL of 1 tonne :cool:

As well as a nice printed manual Hartford supplied some nice new stickers (y)

The next task was to modify all me buckets with dummy pins. 3m of EN8 bright bar was delivered last week :geek:
My stick welder was NOT up to the job with the thermal overload tripping out.
Borrowed my mates nice inverter welder. Absolute dream to use......

........arc was easy to strike up with excellent penetration using 2.5mm sticks.
Hardly had to use the angle grinder to clean up :p

Decided to tidy up the buckets with a lick of paint before they became a rusty mess on and behind the new pins.
Shown here is a nice grey etch primer :geek:

Had to get creative when I could find my tin of Neuson grey paint.
Knowing that we all have Ferguson paint kicking around, I darkened some nice Ferguson Grey with a splash of black.
Added some old fast thinners 'cos it was only 9c outside. Into the old spray gun and away we go :p

Chuffed with the results. The dark Ferguson Grey actually looks superb.
Didn't do the undersides and I know that the sides will soon get scratched to buggery, but I like things give a good clean up :cool:

So, there you go all sorted ready to tackle the growing list of customers and business partners wanting my services.
At least when I rock up with all this new looking kit, it looks like I now what I am doing :ROFLMAO:


do it as well as you can,but learn to do it better
you painted your running gear/track frames, too BTLs :)


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You bloody tart! :ROFLMAO:

Looks great mate. (y)(y)(y) Nice to have no slop in the hitch/bucket pins?
Ha ha - thought someone would see the fun in what we do :p
Did the dipper bushes a few weeks ago (y)
But still got add a few shims here and there now I don’t have to keep messing around with greasy pins :eek:


do it as well as you can,but learn to do it better
Yep - did that when I put new tracks in a few weeks ago :cool:
BTW - thanks for yer help advice and inspiration in tackling this project(y)
'swhat it's all about ;) .... I've had a lot of help and advice from various forums and only too pleased to be able to 'give back' (y) :)
Looks good too Boyo :cool: