2015 2.2 Ford ranger limited



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Ive got a wildtrak warranty runs out in July recently the battery kept going flat so spoke to local dealer got it sorted pretty sharpish had a brand new l200 warrior while mine was in and what a bag of s**t that was so happy to get back in the ranger!

Ford have turned out 00000000 of pick ups / vans over the years of course some are going to have problems


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If it`s the same set up as the 3.2, when changing the oil, drop the oil and refill it within 10 minutes (I think they say), don`t leave it draining for a long time thinking your doing it a favor getting rid of all the old oil, as with no oil in the sump the pump drains down, and will need priming before it will pick up oil again.
I don`t know what the official ford way is, but one I`ve heard of is to over fill the engine with oil and leave for 24 hours, with the filter removed lightly pressurize the engine until you see oil coming up into the filter 😲 refit filter and try and start the engine and see it the light goes out, then drain the excess oil off.
I would guess a new pump would need priming somehow.

The replacement pumps are traditional geared pumps so are self priming whereas the ones fitted are vane type which is what is causing the problems
can't speak on this particular application .... but .....
Rover V8 pumps are geared type and external to the sump ...... never drain a v8 sump and oil filter together ...... pump empties and has to be primed ... sump refilled, then change filter ... other wise cover plate off pump and pack it with vaseline, or dizzy out, make an oil pump drive spindle and drive pump with a drill, 'til it loads (and damned near snaps yer wrist) then refit dizzy .. Rover V8 gear pumps most definitely DO NOT self prime ... but they're above the oil level in the sump ....... geared pumps, AFAIK will only self prime if immersed in the oil bath, otherwise there is insufficient seal in them to 'pump air' to suck the oil up from the pick up tube