Help with costing a demolition job please



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think you missed the point, it’s buried not carted off
Having seen the same builder bury and then rediscover the same asbestos on a job once I'm not a believer in it...... Plasterboard is about £170/t to dispose of, with good planning keeping it day it's cheap enough



A few things to consider beyond the actual practicality of the job.

All demolition work needs planing permission.

Before you start you need to send a section 80 notice to the council and give them up to 6 weeks to send a section 81 counter notice with any conditions they require you to conform to.

You should have a written RAMS

As has been said a full refurb / demolition asbestos survey is necessary.

These are just a few things that spring to mind, I’m sure there will be others that come to mind later.

There are reasons demo contractors charge so much. The paperwork probably takes as much time as doing the actual job.



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Had a quick look at it. Quite a lot of salvagable timber, tiles are decent etc.

I have a good friend down the road from the job who has a 3cx and a telehandler. I've got all the small tools and a selector grab on my Bobcat, plus the skills to handle the paper work. Sounds like a joint venture is the way forward.

It's on it's own plot, plenty of room to work. Couldn't be better really, plus the customer wants a bit of tree and scrub clearance done too.