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Ahh, it didn't come with a left door, I was wondering where I might be able to find one. Looking at it it's not beyond our whit to fabricate something, all beit a little unortadox. The engine is as sweet as a nut and starts up first time.

There is the symbol below, I'm guessing this is the warning light for the torque converter or engine oil pressure? I've found the 3/4cx from Maskinsten but that's just a service manual. On that note if there are any kind souls who know what the other warning lights are - I've a good guess at some others.

Some of them flicker on and off but I have a funny feeling this is some of the wiring looking around the place View attachment 6110
Water temp and torque converter oil pressure. Take them both seriously. If one is genuine you'll end up with a warped head, with the other you can damage the transmission. A trans filter and new oil would be a good investment, and a pressure washer through the cooling group (not too close) might eliminate one possible issue.


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And do you do Left Side doors?
what you like for ram seal kits??:confused: ..... front lifts and main boom for starters .... plenty on ebay ... might just do 'em this year .... me boom's bypassing and the front gland scrapers're shot .... an' if they'm coming apart for the scrapers, they'll all get done
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