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Have you had time to look at that job for me? He rang asking me when you will do it🤔
Sorry mate, not been near it. Could do it later next week if any good, but probably won’t see it before the weekend (though am happy to go in blind and just get it done)
Gunners loves Doobin
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Sorry Gunners babes but you aint my type, know what ah mean? Ah been watchin yous on the interweb and yous all posh an hoity toity Surray loike. Jus dont sit right with an ol country boy loike me.

Now that Rory, she be sommat else. Oh arr. Oi got a big pile o scrap here if she's be my bride.
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Welcome Dale, or whichever one you are 😂
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Hi Gus.Have you had any error codes come up on your HX warning about DEF/add Blue.I did a couple of weeks ago on mine,and apparently there is a software update for the machine.£300 quid they wanted,but when my boss said he'd cancel the order for the 2 new machines he had ordered charge was quickly dropped.Beware,machine problem!
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Hi Richard .... nice to see you on here Boyo .... look forwards to your inputs :giggle:(y)
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greetings Boyo ...... what's the lathe in your Avatar .... fair FLT too :oops:
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Hi Adam, Druid told me you supply service kits for diggers? I’ve a 3cx and a 8016 Jcb mini digger and I’m looking for prices for service kits for the both of them. Also, do you send to Banffshire, Scotland?

Many thanks

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didn't realise you were on here Boyo
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Morning, Mr Druid. Presume that you are aware that you are running a mulching deck rather than the IBS deck that would be more usual with a Powered Grass Collector ? The mulched is designed to take off not more than half an inch at a time which probably means mowing twice a week in the height of the growing season - not what you want to hear !! Angus
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yeh did realise it's a mulcher Angus ... chops the crap out of it .... not so much to pick up .... had considered taking the mulching insert out. but it seems to work as is
Does the grading beam make it more noble or less noble? I've always thought getting peasants to rake it level is more noble