Tractor and tipper trailer set up

Lancs Lad

Lancs Lad

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Had a chat with good mate of mine today .
Runs decent sized local groundworks outfit.
I knew he'd bought a big fastrac a while back.
Asking how he gets on with it ...

First comment was he's had hundreds of machines over the years and never had anything so unreliable from new ...unbelievable amount of hassle from a 瞿160k machine.
Runs it legit on white with all checks etc.
All lads over 18 can run it after training course
Got it mainly to get stuff where's scania 8 Leggers can't go does forestry tracks etc....but..reckons uses 200-300L more per day than scania and not that much grunt

Doubt he'll be getting another...
Thought was interesting


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My mates had a brand new 220 icon fastrac, hes sending it back! Utter rubbish, jcb dont even have a fix for a lot of the problems but sent it out to him knowing things werent right!! Looking to swap it in for a JD, only 3 months old!