S40 Pallet Forks For Sale



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So it looks like im member number 4 of the Hydrema wheelers club!

Tail end of last year I was in the market for a telehandler for site work and came across Graham's thread on the old forum, which got me thinking perhaps a duck would make a more usefull site materials handler than a traditional telehandler. The ability to plant it on a spot and unload deliveries/load the scaff from that position would have multiple advantages. Not ploughing up the site with constant back and forth, tight sites easier, much more lift capacity, more reach, load muckaways (0.8 cube bucket whats not to like),pour conc etc.

So after a visit to see Grahams duck I was sold and the search started!

Graham found several likely candidates and the list was whittled down to the Hydrema 1520. It ticks all the boxes with stabs, blade and already had an engcon on it. Located in Sweden at a Hydrema dealer, Tim the MD of Hydrema UK was really helpful with questions and paperwork always replying within a couple hours. A lesson a few dealers could learn!! It needed a few minor bits and bobs sorting as it had been sat for a while and a deal was struck.

Well she arrived yesterday on the low loader from Immingham port. A whole new learning curve now, not only the two sticks but 2 pedals as well to control the 'third' arm and engcon! The ability to put a pallet in front of you and lift it straight up dead vertical to 8+m is soo useful, not to mention it will lift north of 8 tons close in !!

So I'm waiting for the Licence plate from DVLA for road travel as it has a 30 klik box, we've exchanged many letters I think its broken their system as some of their questions are barmy and of course they cannot be contented by email or phone...

So a big thanks to Graham aka V8Druid, for finding it and answering many months of my constant queries and questions, I think our private message thread is well into double figures pages! A true gent - thanks Graham.

Anyway a few pics before she is signwritten

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I think this needs something bigger than S40!!!!!❤️


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If they are within reach of Cheshire (or somewhere I might end up in the next few weeks) I’d like to put my name on them please.