Pipe grab



What man as done, man can do, what never has,maybe
Got a job starting next week loading drill casing tubes about 300 tonnes:D onto 40’ flat trailers, now last time I used this
But alas some scrote stole it for a site of mine so needed a plan B:unsure:, now I have a selector grab but unless I can get 5 pipes in, it won’t grab them and because they weigh a good half ton each I can’t lift them very well at a reach:oops: three is a nice weight but they can slide out and as the grab is only 3’ wide and the pipes anywhere up to 45’ long they take a bit of balancing plus a steel pipe in a steel grab:eek: can be a bit hairy at times, so had a few thoughts bouncing around my head over the weekend of fixing some form of rubber to the grab:unsure: bit of conveyor belt? how do I fix it to the grab, old truck tyre that has had the tread delaminated (see loads at the side of the road) but how to hold them on:unsure:

Then eureka:D:D an old rubber track(y) had a root around and found one
So cut it in half and welded the steel cleats to the grab
And when it’s closed a loop from the top comes down so should help hold the pipes
So as long as the track holds up to being flexed the ‘wrong’ way should workout (y)


do it as well as you can,but learn to do it better
Fair play Mog ...... inspired ;)(y):giggle: