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guys, you might have photos or material on old dredges or chain excavators of noria type buckets, for my part they were called grilling machines, they used them in the torrents of streams and in quarries to extract the most famous inert: Torregiani to bolognese.
venturini ad udine, brenna a brescia, padovan of pordenone.
the excavators. buckets, buckets, buckets, buckets, buckets, buckets, or buckets. Similar to these are the excavators. it's a cup wheel, a cup wheel, a cup of tea and a cup of tea. cheli transmits a vibrant screen, personally I was the first time for the extraction of gravel from rivers
someone has photos or news of similar excavators, for my part there are only wrecks or war residues, they are reals of industrial archeology what do you think? thanks to those who will provide photos or more information

caterpillar bagger.jpg
chain buckets padovan pordenone italia.jpg

PADOVAN di PN originario anni 70.jpg

torreggiani 2.jpg
torreggiani 3.jpg
Torreggiani p 60 bologna.jpg

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That first one looks like a European variant of the Cat 215 it sure has a short undercarriage on it.