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do it as well as you can,but learn to do it better
"2018 budget reaction: Time for road tolls say civils "

someone seems to have forgotten the inordinate amount of money the chancellor gets from VED (road tax/vehicle excise duty) .....ONLY 12%, on average, of which ends up in the transport dept.'s coffers ... the rest just disappears into a vast black hole called the treasury

If it all went where it was intended to end up, seeing as we all pay it in varying levels, to use the roads and have them maintained/improved/etc., there wouldn't be such a huge issue in funding them and keeping the country on the move

as there are only 200,000 electric vehicles on the UK roads, out of 37,500,000, their loss of fuel revenue, etc., argument doesn't really hold much in the way of H2O :unsure::rolleyes:
FFS spend the VED where it's supposed to be spent ..... not propping up anything/everything else :mad:


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So they're going to remove the toll off the Severn bridge and then reinstate it later? Well each time they do these things every one just does an extra cash job to "even up the books"

Rob 210

So by the sounds of things,only another 37,300,000 cars to go
Where in hells teeth is all this leccy going to come from
we will need 24 hour sunshine,gales of at least 70mph for the solar farms and wind turbines,then where to we put them?
We can't build on green field sites,the N I M B Y's won't want them on brown field sites,so out to sea,which is o.k but with the gales blowing no boat will get near turbines to service and repair
We are sitting on an estimated 350 years supply of coal,so if we can add D.E.F to our diesel engines to make them more green,which happened in a milli second compared to the existance of internal combustion engines,why can't we do something with coal,and fire up the power stations with our natural resource,or keep on importing the open cast brown coal which has more pollutants than some little,and does destroy the landscape.
Once we supplied something like 4/5s of the worlds coal
I really don't like the guy,but if this country is going to succeed after brexit,we need a Trump!!!!
Sorry guy's,gone right off track here,what started off as a road tax post has turned into a bit of a political rant
But i do agree with Driud completely
Antony Holmes

Antony Holmes

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i dont think he is looking for a job at the moment he is on hire for the 2 years but may be, after that he could play the i am Scottish card and be the first man to be president of the usa and pm of the uk . i would worry about what job he would give to nigle frearge


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the problem is like any good manager you need a team around you and as far as i can see, too meany people not wanting to be in the team.
I agree, but I think there’s a few good members around him that will play their part. We shall see....
I think he’d do a good job, tell it how it is, and not take any shit from Brussels!