information on old excavator production year 1980/1990 model KOMATSU tracked series PC180 -NLC5K Komatsu PC 180 LC-3



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hello, a friend of mine should restore a land in the hills with moraine, alluvial soil mixed with stones and earth, should create paths and terraced slopes, trace access roads and perform earthworks, for this he had thought of an old tracked komatsu I believe 18 tons of tonnage model: PC180 -NLC5K Komatsu PC 180 LC-3, what do you think of this series of excavators that merits and defects, thanks
Komatsu pc180
komatsu 1.jpg
komatsu 2.jpg

Komatsu PC 180 NLC5K
Komatsu PC180
komatsu 3.jpg
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I appreciate this is an old post but I had a Komatsu pc150-3
I bought it with a mate of mine for a project about 15 years ago . It had a leg sticking out of the block when we got it so we got a used engine which we rebuilt and stuck it in . We had the pumps reconditioned and we used it for some house sites we developed . We then sold it to a mate who still owns it and it’s still going well .
I think the 150 and 180 were pretty much the same digger and I thought it was a great machine . Very easy to work on as well . I think it might of been one of Komatsu’s first servo controlled machines .