Construction shows



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Hi all

Any recommendations for european construction shows ?
I have been searching for somewhere on the net that lists what on and when...... but cant come up with anything.

Have never done the shows but there is some kit I would like to try so would particularly like to get to a show that has working demo areas

Thanks in advance :)


Bauma is on next year they don't come bigger then it , I went once in the early 90's its bigger now i believe but was huge then there is not a huge there are some working demos also O&K had an RH200 working on there stand the year i went , " well as much as you can work an RH 200 in Munich " so picking up a bucket or three of gravel and dumping it but well worth visit


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I’ve just booked a room for myself and brother to go to bauma for the week but had to go to the next town as no rooms in Munich and with rooms running at up to £8k:eek: for the week bit dear to stop in the cityo_O
Went 5 years ago is a cracking show but you need some good comfy foot wear we walked every day for a week and still didn’t see it all:(
Well worth a visit (y)(y)


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Was kicking around the idea of going this year aswe were there in 2015 and really enjoyed the week, didn't just do the show but visited Dachu and the BMW museum, both are well worth a visit.
The young lad is doing his final exams for second level in June so SHMBO was frowning on a German Holiday in the last term.................maybe in '22...............................