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A dream for those who love to dry dust in impossible creeks and cracks :ROFLMAO:o_O

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Now Eva is looking abroad to sell the unique apartment

By Victoria Jane Armstrong
Published: 03. September 2019, 7 p.m. 8:46
In 2018, the villa was divided into four apartments and put up for sale. Over a year later, three of them are still on the market. Now the homeowner is going new ways to get rid of the much-talked about property.

First, the house in Moveien 107 was put up for sale as one house. Later, the homeowner Eva Hagen decided to sell the property piecemeal. This resulted in the sale of one of the four apartments in total.

Sandefjords newspaper has repeatedly referred to the Blue House in Haukerød, which received national attention when it was posted on Finn in May 2017. Since then, a lot has happened in the home - it has been used for music video recording with Karpe Diem and refurbished. up several places.

But one thing has not changed: All but one of the apartments are still for sale.

Now, Hagen has a new plan for how to sell the remaining apartments, and it means to appeal to the international market.

NRK Vestfold was the first to discuss the case.

Want to go to Europe
The three apartments will now be advertised in Europe, mainly in the UK, France and Italy.

In total, the apartments are sold for just over NOK 10 million. The smallest apartment, at 45 square meters, costs NOK 1.9 million, the second largest (54 square meters) 2.1 million, while the largest apartment is priced at £538134. It is 174 square meters, has three bedrooms and is decorated in the style that attracted attention from all over the country. Stucco, rosettes and columns are commonplace in the apartment.

Hagen hopes that the home will look better in Europe than it has done here in the country.

- I think it will be more relevant abroad with more people investing in the housing market. I aim for private individuals, but also investors and entrepreneurs, Hagen tells NRK.

Will not change style
When she sold the one apartment, which went for NOK 1.3 million, she used the money from the sale to renovate the two smallest apartments into a more "moderate" style.

She is not interested in doing the same with the largest apartments.

- I haven't thought of tearing down what I've created. It is out of date after 20 years of work