2012 mitsubishi canter 7c15



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Good afternoon

I have recently purchased a canter 7c15 2012 model from UK. After receiving the vehicle I realised that there was a fault on the sam unit, resulting in most electricalunits not functioning. Since the vehicle was sold to me without warranty and only got to know about the fault after delivery I got stuck with it and need to fix it.

In the meantime I have decided to purchase a full set of ecu in order to make all work without the necessity of reprogramming the immobiliser.

At the moment I'm stuck since I can seem yo find the location of the immobiliser unit on my truck. I have replaced the SAM unit, ignition switch and engine ecu. So far electrical systems all work but the engine is not starting.

Does any one has experience with these trucks and can guide me accordingly to find the location for the immobiliser.